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K8IES 2023

2023 saw the return of our awards night for young people, the k8ies. The first one that we have held for over 4 years due to covid and the pandemic! We were very proud of the amount of people that came along to celebrate the achievements of young people.

K8IES 2023: Our Programs

It was great to see so many of our members recognised for all their hard work and receive awards from taking part in the projects that we run and getting involved with the club. Many of the young people invited brought along guests and we also had visitors from various partner agencies that we work with.

K8IES 2023: Our Programs
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There was much positive praise for our work on the evening, including one comment from the chief of police who said that “sk8side is directly responsible for the decrease in anti social behaviour around Ashford”.

We want to thank everyone who came along, all of our funders, and everyone who continues to support and value the work that we do and invest in young people!

K8IES 2023: Our Programs
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