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Each week we have activities and projects for young people to get involved in. We help young people improve their skills and knowledge through these activities. Click on the links below for more information, or come on down to try them out!

Skate Project + Shop

Open for business during centre opening hours

Cheap, Affordable Skate, Scooter + BMX parts; shop is run and maintained by young people who gain valuable retail and work skills!

We also sell stickers, clothing and stock local lines and products...

Drop by the centre, or contact us to find out more!


What Next?

Helping young people transition into employment

Just left school or looking for a career change or job?

Pop down to Sk8side’s What Next session



Help with CVs; job applications; choices; interview practice etc

or just come in for a chat

Arts + Craft

Developing artistic creativity

We offer many art activities that help develop and foster artistic skills and prevent boredom and support our fundraising activities eg with our 2019 Christmas cards, designed by young people.

Ask a member of staff if you want to get involved!


Want to see what else we run and what each project is like? Check our opening times and pay us a visit!

Projects: Our Programs
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