Outreach Projects

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Monday Evenings
Tenterden Recreation Ground

"The Tenterden skate scene has been thriving for decades, but with no place dedicated for us young people it’s been difficult for the scene to grow. With the skatepark project being backed by Sk8side it’s great to finally give back to the community with a place to call our own."

Sam Bolidai, Tenterden Skatepark and Member of Sk8side Youth Centre

Tuesdays 6pm - 8pm
MUGA (Spring + Summer)
Bluebell Centre (Winter)

A once-a-week youth club on a Tuesday evening. We alternate between outdoor in the summer and indoor in the winter. The members select and plan their activities, fundraising and trips. We facilitate them and provide opportunities for young people in an area that can be difficult for young people to reach other leisure activities and clubs.

Wednesdays 4pm - 6pm,
Reece Pavilion, near Village Hall

"Have fun and play games with James + Tia" Tallulah, Aged ?

A once a week youth club on a Wednesday evening. The members play games, draw and make art, and we work with them to plan and put on fundraising activities to raise money and encourage their ownership and responsibility for their club.