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Easter Programme 2024

Here is our Easter Programme for the Ashford area. Places are limited on trips so come down and book with us quick to avoid disappointment!

Any questions please get in touch - our Facebook and Instagram are usually the quickest ways to get a response.

Signing Up

To take part in our Easter programme you just need to sign up as a Sk8side member. Our age range is 8-19. All our activities and trips are free. Just call in to the centre and complete some forms. Any aged 13 and above can complete their own membership form, and ages 8 - 12 have to have it filled in by a parent/guardian/carer.


Trips are free though we ask for a £5 deposit to secure a place for someone which they get back on the day when they turn up. This is to ensure people come as we have many people in the past who don't show and so we lose money on a space which we can't fill at the last minute. Parents/Guardians/Carers have to complete consent forms for those under the age of 18.

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Easter Programme 2024: News
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